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Think of the nine most important women in your life. Mother. Sister. The teacher who believed in you. Childhood sweetheart. Wife. Friend. Best friend. Partner in crime. Best boss ever. Daughter. One of these women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.


It will change the course of the life. One way or another.

Breast Cancer Cure believes that providing our greatest scientific minds with all the resources they need. We believe that only science and research, will crack the codes and stop breast cancer dead in its tracks. So, if you believe our greatest minds are our greatest hope, please join us by becoming a Breast Cancer Cure Patron. Patronage allows us to fund essential research and is available for an annual donation of $1000.

To show our heart-felt gratitude for your support, every patron will receive an exquisite Patron bracelet, specially created for Breast Cancer Cure by renowned designers Silk and Steel.

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"Our goal is to find a cure, the more donations we receive, the faster we reach it."



Make a monthly donation or a one off payment . By becoming a monthly donor, you will help ensure that world class research continues on a ground-breaking path towards a cure. If you would prefer to send a cheque, please do so to the address on this page or to set up Breast Cancer Cure as a payee via online banking, please call 0800 227 828 .

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Leave a gift (also known as a bequest) in your Will for Breast Cancer Cure is a great way to support our work to find a cure for breast cancer.  By leaving a percentage of your estate, a sum of money or other assets to Breast Cancer Cure in your will, you will be positively effecting the lives of many New Zealanders, including your own children, families and friends. For more information please email.